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2nd Congress of Arrhythmology

30.09.2016 08:00 2.001 views
Watch live and on demand the 2nd Congress of Arrhythmology to be held on 30...

EuroCMR/SCMR LEVEL 1, 1-3 October 2016

01.10.2016 08:00 1.609 views
"EuroCMR/SCMR level 1" 1-3 October 2016 Athens, Greece Endorsed by EACVI and...

Clinical Decision Making in Cardiovascular Diseases

11.11.2016 09:00 700 views
Watch live and on demand the Meeting " Clinical Decision Making in Cardiovascular...

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31.12.2015 8.020 views
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Livemedia News

NEWS | 27.09.2016 | 17 views
IN-EDIT at Onassis Cultural Centre

IN-EDIT Festival will be held on 20-23 October 2016 in Onassis Cultural Centre.

NEWS | 27.09.2016 | 20 views
EuroBirdwatch in Nea Agathoupoli

On Sunday, October 2nd, 2016 will take place the EuroBirdwatch in Nea Agathoupoli, in Pieria.

NEWS | 27.09.2016 | 35 views
Εxecutives of Sciacca visited the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Elena Kountouras

Εxecutives of Sciacca visited the Deputy Minister of Tourism, Elena Kountouras on Monday, September 26th....

NEWS | 27.09.2016 | 27 views
Photographic exhibition entitled "Monuments under the protection of Unesco in Bulgaria" at the Museum of Byzantine Culture

The Museum of Byzantine Culture in collaboration with the General Consulate of Bulgaria in Thessaloniki,...

NEWS | 26.09.2016 | 185 views
"Asteras Sindou VS Asteras Plagiariou"

Watch the Basketball Game between "Asteras Sindou VS Asteras Plagiariou" to be held on Monday September...

NEWS | 26.09.2016 | 322 views
Father Epifanios' speech at the World Chefs Congress & Expo

Watch live and on demand Father Epifanios' speech at the World Chefs Congress & Expo. ...

NEWS | 24.09.2016 | 169 views
Family Fun Day 2016 από το Make-A-Wish

Make-A-Wish organize a "Family Fun Day", a day of joy for the family, on Saturday September 24th, in...

NEWS | 24.09.2016 | 639 views
1st "Flea Market & Street Food" in Thessaloniki

Flea Market & Street Food Thessaloniki organised by Upnloud will be held on September 24-25 at Mylos in Thessaloniki. For more information, please...

NEWS | 22.09.2016 | 81 views
5th International Cycling Races

The 5th International Cycling Races will be held on 24-25 September 2016 in Thessaloniki.

NEWS | 22.09.2016 | 8167 views
Military Exercise "SARISA 2016"

Watch videos and photos of "Sarisa 2016" to be held on Thursday, September 22nd, 2016. The final part...

NEWS | 21.09.2016 | 84 views
The press conference for the 34th "SPARTATHLON"

The press conference for the 34th "SPARTATHLON" was held on Wednesday at Hotel Amalia, in Athens.

NEWS | 21.09.2016 | 66 views
8o Greece Race for the Cure

We support the fight against breast cancer. The race will take place on 24-25 September 2016, at Zappeion.

NEWS | 21.09.2016 | 78 views
The Greek paralympic team in El. Venizelos in Athens

The Greek Paralympic Team arrived from Rio to the Airport El. Venizelos in Athens.

NEWS | 21.09.2016 | 79 views
Macula Lutea - Symptoms & Cure | Tryphon Rotsos, Eye Surgeon, Dr. in Athens University

What is Macula lutea? What are the symptoms? We have interviewed the Tryphon Rotsos, Eye Surgeon, Dr....

NEWS | 21.09.2016 | 68 views
Michalis Kakiouzis at Livemedia

Michalis Kakiouzis, Olympic and European Basketball Champion talks at Livemedia about Diamantidis, Papaloukas, Spanoulis and sport in schools.

NEWS | 20.09.2016 | 98 views
World’s Flavors

A great opportunity to meet, understand and discourse through the flavors of different cuisines at Moni...

NEWS | 20.09.2016 | 210 views
Ioannina Lake Run 2016

Watch moments of "Ioannina Lake Run 2016" that was held on Sunday September 18th, 2016.

NEWS | 20.09.2016 | 90 views
Educational program by the Lifelong Learning center "LIFE"

Lifelong Learning center "LIFE" announces educational program of 300 hours in the specialty: "PERSONAL...

NEWS | 18.09.2016 | 10033 views
Thermaikos Triathlon 2016

Watch highlights and moments of "Thermaikos Triathlon 2016" to be held on Sunday, September 18th,...

NEWS | 17.09.2016 | 651 views
Kodra 2016 "Mind the Gap"

The Contemporary Art Festival, Kodra 2016 "Mind the Gap" will be held on 17-25 September in Kalamaria,...

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