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Livemedia in Strasbourg

15.06.2018 913 views
Livemedia was in Strasbourg for the Plenary of the European Council

Rallies in Syntagma

15.06.2018 3.371 views
From 10:00 this Friday morning, the Marathon demonstration in Syntagma was launched...

3rd Cardiological Oncology Meeting / Heart Failure

11.05.2018 21.453 views
Watch the 3rd Meeting of Cardio-oncology / Heart Failure to be held on 11-12 May...

Livemedia in kos

02.05.2018 2.237 views
Το Livemedia βρέθηκε στην Κω στο πλαίσιο του οδοιπορικού του στα Ακριτικά Νησιά....