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Athens Flying Week 2017

16.09.2017 09:00 847 total views
The Athens Flying Week (AFW) International Air Show 2017 , is TAKING OFF for the...

North Aegean Cup 2017 |Porto Carras

29.07.2017 19:00 66 total views
The Nautical Club of Thessaloniki announces the International regatta "North Aegean...

Lazaristes Monastery Festival: Georgia Dagaki & Stavros Siolas

21.07.2017 04 total views
Georgia Dagaki and Stavros Siolas will appear for a beautiful night at the Little...

Concert by Maria Papageorgiou

21.07.2017 05 total views
A distinguished concert will be held on Wednesday, July 26, 2017, at 21.30 by Maria...

ARGENTINIAN TANGO NIGHTS-Milonga with Locos de Atar

21.07.2017 07 total views
A genuine Argentinian tango night full of live music, dancing, and dance shows by...

SEPVE : 'Implementable Solutions for Business Harmonization in...

19.07.2017 443 total views
Watch on demand the event: "Implementable Solutions for Business Harmonization in...
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Tour de France 2017 stage 13-14

19.07.2017 45 total views
France has emerged with the development of the 104th Round of France.

Sky Bar The 8th Edition Summer 2017 - A magical night for Make-A-Wish...

14.07.2017 91 total views
A Summer Party was organized on Thursday, June 29, 2017, by Make-A-Wish, in cooperation...

Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art - Inspire Project 2017:...

13.07.2017 92 total views
The "Inspire Project ", was organized with success for three consecutive years (2012-2014)...

Cultural Events of Agia Marina

13.07.2017 1.287 total views
The Cultural Association of Pontian organizes this year also the events "Parathos...

Sports Marketing Awards 2017

12.07.2017 727 total views
Livemedia does the live webcast of  "Sports Marketing Awards 2017"  to...

«General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR

10.07.2017 1.933 total views
Watch the live and on demand the event "General Data Protection Regulation, GDPR",...
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F1 GP Austria

10.07.2017 134 total views
In the overall F1 world championship, Vettel is ahead with 171 points, followed...

The countdown for the World Sailing Championship "470" to be...

09.07.2017 1.796 total views
10/07/2017 470 WORLD CHAMPIONCHIPS Oι Σουηδοί Anton Dahlberg και Fredrik Bergstrom...
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self service Excellence Award 2017

06.07.2017 815 total views
Livemedia does the live webcast of  "self service Excellence Awards 2017"  to...

Medical Association of Thessaloniki | 2nd cycle of the ESPA...

04.07.2017 971 total views
Watch live and on demand the  event of the Medical Association of Thessaloniki...
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«Παρακάθ’ κι Αροθυμίας» O Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Ποντίων Θρυλορίου...

04.07.2017 65 total views
«Παρακάθ’ κι Αροθυμίας» O Πολιτιστικός Σύλλογος Ποντίων Θρυλορίου διοργανώνει και...

Classic Microcars Club

30.06.2017 37 total views
Classic Microcars rally will take place on Sunday the 2nd of June 2017.

Impact BITE Awards 2017

29.06.2017 968 total views
Livemedia does the live webcast of "Impact BITE (Business IT Excellence) Awards...

1000km Powerskate! From Athens to Thessaloniki and back again!

28.06.2017 531 total views
The group "1000km Powerskate" through its project, has tried to strengthen two institutions:...

Restaurant 100 Awards 2017

27.06.2017 967 total views
Livemedia does the live webcast of "Restaurant 100 Awards 2017" to be held on...

UCI Mountain Bike - World Championship Marathon in Singen

27.06.2017 558 total views
UCI Mountain Bike - World Championship Marathon in Singen.

MIXX Awards 2017

26.06.2017 2.076 total views
Τα MIXX Awards αποτελούν τον εορτασμό και την αναγνώριση των καλύτερων έργων της...
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1st KIDOT Festival

23.06.2017 85 total views
The 1st KIDOT Festival is aimed at both children and adolescents as well as adults,...