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1. What is Internet Live Streaming?
Livemedia Internet Live Streaming is a service provided by Livemedia.com that enables you to broadcast any event of interest to you live online. Through the use of computers, video cameras, suitable software and Livemedia.com specialised staff, the event is being recorded and simultaneously broadcast live on the Internet. This way, you advertise your product-event and are given the opportunity to make your undertaking or agency more broadly known.

2. What kind of projects does Livemedia.com undertake?
Livemedia.com undertakes any event you wish to record, wherever it takes place. Under the ‘Services’ section, you can find all projects Livemedia undertakes in detail. Indicatively, by viewing our indicative clientele, you can form an initial picture of the complex projects Livemedia can carry out for you.

3. What is the purpose of the services provided by Livemedia.com?
Livemedia.com provides reliable solutions for broadcasting video and producing audiovisual materials, in general. Livemedia.com aims to disseminate information and knowledge and carry out broadcasts in the most reliable manner through the multiple options that provides to clients.

4. In what ways can Livemedia cover a congress throughout the world?
With our Livemedia experienced crew permanently based​ in Europe, it is easy to travel ​around the world to cover various congresses. Livemedia offers access to live/on demand viewing to web participants via fee registration.

5. How can I make my own channel?

Click on the ‘Make your own channel!’ link available on all pages of our website and follow the detailed instructions to make your own online channel.

6. How can I upload material to the Livemedia.com website?
Click on the ‘Upload your Videos!’ link available on all pages of our website and follow the detailed instructions to upload your video.

7. How can I contact Livemedia.com?
Under the ‘Contact’ section of the central menu, you will find all necessary detailed information for contacting a company representative to answer any question you may have.

8. What are the minimum system requirements for watching an event broadcast by Livemedia.com?
Watching Livemedia.com services does not require high computer power. However, for optimal viewing experience, particularly when it comes to Live Streaming, you can find all necessary links under the ‘Tools’ category of the sub-menu, which will lead you to corresponding websites where you can download all necessary programs free of charge.

9. Where can I receive information on future Livemedia.com events?
Under the ‘Upcoming’ category located on the right part of the website, you can receive information on all upcoming events featuring the Livemedia.com team, in order to provide live coverage for similar events.

10. What are the benefits of managing old digital files?
Through the digital file management service, you can convert all your old videocassettes to digital files and store them wherever you want: on your PC, on hard drives, on CDs/DVDs, flash sticks, etc. Digitisation can be performed on VHS, 8mm, Hi8, D8, miniDV, DVCam, DVC Pro, Beta, Digi-Beta. After the content is digitized, we will recommend the most suitable encoding for the purpose intended.