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21st Balkan festival hairdressing and makeup

27.11.2016 18.882 total views
Watch highlights from 21st Balkan hairdressing festival to be held on 27-28 November...
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20th Balkan Festival of hairdressing and makeup

22.11.2015 117.469 total views
Watch live and on demand on 22-23 November 2015 at GRAND HOTEL Thessaloniki to bigger...
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Fashion show in Thessaloniki for charity!

20.05.2015 33.746 total views
With spring mood and a great charity, the Attica shops and Grand Hotel Palace in...
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19th Balkan Festival Coiffure and Make-up in Thessaloniki

24.11.2014 86.705 total views
The hairdressers club of Thessaloniki and surroundings is pleased to announce the...
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The FASHION Show - We Love Women

23.05.2014 73.304 total views
To Mediterranean Cosmos invites you to discover all the new fashion trends, from...
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Make Over Event in Thessaloniki

13.06.2013 3.151 total views
Τρεις αυθεντίες στο styling, τα μαλλιά και το μακιγιάζ μεταμόρφωσαν ολοκληρωτικά...

Fashion Show Spring-Summer 2013 Denise Eleftheriou

22.05.2013 76.519 total views
Η υψηλή ραπτική συναντά την ανακύκλωση Denise Eleftheriou Spring-Summer Collection...
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NIKOLAS Collection autumn - winter 2011

19.10.2011 29.218 total views
Η φθινοπωρινή επίδειξη του Νικόλα είναι ένας ύμνος στη γυναικεία θηλυκότητα. Ο σχεδιαστής...
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Meet Mary Katrantzou

07.09.2011 59.673 total views
Δείτε videos και φωτογραφίες από το φιλανθρωπικό fashion Dinner με τη διάσημη...
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