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16/09/2017 Sport Events | Athens Flying Week 2017

Sport Events | Athens Flying Week 2017  


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The Athens Flying Week (AFW) International Air Show 2017, is TAKING OFF for the second consecutive year from TANAGRA Air Force Base, thus, verifying the brand of the most complete Air Show of the South Eastern Europe. More dynamic than ever, the 6th Athens Flying Week, Tanagra International Air Show 2017, has been redesigned in a much functional way, directly oriented to the spectators’ absolute pleasure.
It is addressed to you, our loyal friends for the past 6 years, as well us to you, our first time coming guests that you opt to honor our Organization with your special presence.

Athens Flying Week is the country's international aviation event and it has been characterized as one of the biggest and most succesful aviation events in South East Europe!
It provides a unique show conducted by top aviation teams from around the world who demonstrate their flying skills by operating their state-of-the-art aircrafts.

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