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05/04/2017 Congresses | The Future of Healthcare in Greece

Congresses | The Future of Healthcare in Greece  


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Watch Live and On Demand the “The Future of Healthcare in Greece” conference to be held on 5th April 2017 on 9:00 a.m. at InterContinental in Athens.

“The Future of Healthcare in Greece” Conference is the biggest annual event on healthcare policy in Greece. For seven consecutive years, It features world class international speakers, representatives of the most important international organizations, renowned academics and leading political and healthcare stakeholders in a public dialogue regarding the major healthcare issues and suggested ways to reform the healthcare system in order to respond to the rapid increase of demand for public healthcare services in a financial sustainable way.

This year, the agenda will focus on the challenges of the European healthcare systems that deal with an ageing population, the growing burden of chronic diseases and declining budgets and the particular problems of the Greek healthcare system, caused by a seven year unprecedented depression, fiscal consolidations and the growing unsolved problem of migration flows. The growth perspectives of the healthcare sector and the policies that support the extroversion and innovation initiatives of the Industry will also be highlighted during the Conference.

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