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Terms and Conditions


Livemedia asks for the written consent of the speakers in order to host, archive their video and PowerPoint file online.

The archived video footage, photos and other files on Livemedia are provided with the written consent of the organizer of the event.
In conferences and meetings the organizer reserves the written approval and consent for publication on the internet of video and speakers files.

The organizer of the event reserves the right to request the removal of a part or all of the material at any time.

Each speaker reserves the right to request the removal of all or part of his speech at any time.
The Customers of Livemedia provide the right to host the audiovisual material on the Livemedia site for the agreed use.
Owner of the stored material is the organizer (customer) of the conference or event.
In case of copyright material in the speaker's presentation, the customer is obliged to inform Livemedia in advance in writing.
Access to the stored files of medical conferences have only those who exercise the medical profession and accept its use.
The content of stored material does not necessarily reflect the view and opinion of Livemedia.

Collection of Personal Data
Each visitor can visit Livemedia site without giving any personal information.
Livemedia collects personal information when
1. The visitor / user is registered in the site or mailing list
2. ask for more information about services or products through a form.

Use of Personal Data
Livemedia uses the personal data of customers and registered users on the mailing list to inform them about new offerings, new products and the company news.

Deleting Personal Data

Livemedia entitles registered users, to delete their account and personal info at any time.

Disclosure of Personal Data
Livemedia following the principles of protection of personal data, provided by the relevant laws and international conventions will not proceed to any unauthorized and without prior approval disclosing of personal data. Livemedia will not share, publish, sell and exchange personal data and information of visitors / users.


Visitors of livemedia website automatically agree the use of the content for personal, non-commercial use only or for academic and educational purposes. They agree not to store, distribute, transmit, broadcast, commercially exploit or modify the material or the content in any way without the written approval of Livemedia.