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06/10/2017 Culture | Vinyl is Back!

Culture | Vinyl is Back!  


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Vinyl is Back, will take place on 6-8 of October, 2017 at Hellenic Car Museum.

The original vinyl bazaar show, launched for the first time in the “Technopolis” of Gazi in Athens, 2013.
After five very successful events at this place the event moved to, “Cine Kerameikos” for just one year.
Last year the event moved again to Hellenic Motor Museum and it seems like it found a place to stay.
This year for a second time vinyl discs will be hosted together with the vintage aspect of the “four wheels”.

The “Vinyl is Back” event, feels satisfied and proud because, with a number of strategic decisions and strategies, has finally met its objectives, the creation of a worldwide event which gathers all the lovers of music and vinyl disc maniacs.
Also “Vinyl is Back” event has managed to create a new generation of new audiences! The “Vinyl is Back” event keeps alive the vinyl and serve it hot to us !

A great music show that proves that vinyl records are still durable and determined to stay forever.