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27/06/2019 Congresses | Begin Before Birth

Congresses | Begin Before Birth  


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Gain online access to the live streaming and archived videos of the "Begin Before Birth" Congress on Thursday 27 June 2019, at W12 Conference, London.

Chaired by Professor Vivette Glover and with a special introduction by Lord Robert Winston, this symposium will bring together international experts to discuss these topics, giving updates on the latest research including global implications.

The programme will be of interest to all those who care for women in the perinatal period including health visitors, midwives, obstetricians, psychologists, psychiatrists, GPs and paediatricians, as well as researchers and commissioners.

We will cover domestic abuse in the perinatal period and how best to deal with it, the role of fathers, and the impact of prenatal stress, anxiety and depression. In the afternoon we will have a series of talks concerning child abuse, music in the perinatal period, and finish with a discussion on mental health policy led by Dr Alain Gregoire.


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