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Livemedia is part of INVENTICS S.A. Corporation and specializes in livestreaming, production, encoding and distribution of video and photo through the internet, using the web channel. is a congresses and events web channel. 

The system enables the fully automated streaming control of congresses and events, by the livemedia partners broadcasters.

Our main customers are educational institutions, associations and firms.

Cutting-edge technology combined with our specialized personnel/associates/partners make Livemedia the best possible choice.

Livemedia is invited by Scientific Societies around the world (USA, EUROPE, MIDDLE EAST, SOUTH AFRICA) to live stream the sessions of Conferences and archive the videos so that remote participants can watch live or on demand the presentations even if travel is not an option. Plus, they receive an attendance certificate and CME credits.

Livemedia takes the risk to cover the costs of its services by selling online registrations to remote participants. As soon as the costs are fully covered, any surplus generated is split 80% to the organiser and 20% to Livemedia.

Faculty and attendees on site have free access to the live/on demand videos at any time.

The Livemedia conference services are available to use on site and remotely via web:
Chat tool – enabling remote and on site participants to ask questions to the panel of the speakers
Poll tool – voting and answering multiple choice questions
E – program and evaluation of the speakers and sessions

The videos and the photos of the conferences are highly promoted via social media: facebook, youtube, linkedin, newsletters and press releases distribution to the media.

Interviews are also conducted by experienced journalist to the organising committee and important faculty speakers

We surpass the geographical distances, make the conference global and unite people.

• We use the most advanced technology in order to establish the highest video production specifications.
• Our crew broadcasts the event via the available internet connection or even via mobile - wireless connection as well.
• Our dedicated servers that broadcast / distribute video, guarantee continuous flow 24/7 thus satisfying every customer’s needs.
• Livemedia associates / crew records, digitizes and
broadcasts / distributes the event live on the internet and with the
lowest possible cost.

Livemedia Internet Streaming
, is an innovatory service in the field of live broadcasts which in 2004 was awarded by SEPVE (Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece) in a special event for the program “Create and Excel”.

Livemedia’s main goal is the diffusion of information and knowledge and their transmission in the most efficient way. Anytime, Anywhere!

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