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13/06/2019 Congresses | EXPORT SUMMIT VII: Fostering Maritime Economy

Congresses | EXPORT SUMMIT VII: Fostering Maritime Economy  


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Watch live the "EXPORT SUMMIT VII: Fostering Maritime Economy" that will take place on the 13th of June 2019 in Porto Palace Hotel Thessaloniki. 

Following the six previous events, the theme of this year’s summit is “Fostering Maritime Economy”. The dominance of maritime freight transport, the turnover of the global maritime equipment market and the prominent position of Greek shipping internationally make it very important and timely to choose the subject of the EXPORT SUMMIT VII . 

The Summit will cover the majority of the maritime economy aspects (shipping, shipping equipment, technology, fisheries, the environment, certification services, education, etc) so as to present the current situation and to see the enormous dynamic and prospect of developing product and service delivery to global shipping and the sea at large.

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