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Login tips

To login to a Livemedia event, fill the event login form using the username provided to you via email if you have registered online. The password is also contained in the registration email.  which is at the the page of the event   Please make sure you type in the password correctly and note that is case sensitive


If you have forgotten your password use the bottom part of the form providing your email and we will resend your password.



If you are a paid online user your password will be activated once your payment is processed unless payment was sent by PayPal in which case the password will automatically get activated.


In case you are not able to sign in although you followed the afore-mentioned steps, please call at +30 2310 474 400 (Monday to Friday, during hours 9 pm – 5 am) or send an email to including your name, email and live or event title you would like to watch.

Finally, you can find additional and specific information regarding the event off your interest on the live event page itself.