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06/06/2018 Events | Rally in Pella over Macedonia name row

Events | Rally in Pella over Macedonia name row  


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Livemedia will broadcast a live picture from Pella and Thebes.

Watch live via Livemedia player's the central rally in Pella for Macedonia. Use embed code for transmission:
<iframe src = "" frameborder = "0" scrolling = "no" width = "646" height = "363" allowfullscreen> </ iframe>

Livemedia will cover the rallies in most cities in Greece. Stay up-to-date with photos and videos, follow reshare and use the published material with reference to the source.

Rally all over Greece

Today, 24 cities in Greece will send out a loud message all over the world that Macedonia is Greek

The rallies will be held this afternoon at 19:30 in 15 Macedonian cities and nine cities in the rest of the country.