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Livemedia Services
Description 1 day cost, Per room

Live webcasting & Archiving

  • Live streaming with 1 camera and synchronised presentation
  • Editing, encoding and storage of the material on Livemedia, suitable for on demand usage (synchronised presentation)
  • Social Media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram)
  • Newsletter campaigns in custom groups
  • Photographs of the event

2.250 / room

Live Streaming

  • Event live broadcasting via internet, using 1 camera (live webcasting- synchronised presentation). Available Facebook Stream  (provided with extra cost. See below)
  • Social Media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram)
  • Newsletter campaigns in custom groups
  • Photographs of the event
1.500/ room

Recording, Encoding and Uploading of audiovisual material

  • Editing, encoding and storage of recorded material on Livemedia, suitable for on demand usage (synchronised presentation)
  • Social Media promotion (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Instagram)
  • Newsletter campaigns in custom groups
  • Photographs of the event
1.500 / room

Live webcasting & Archiving Camera Only

Live streaming with 1 camera and archiving of videos for on demand viewing


Live webcasting & Uploading Surgery

  • Live streaming and uploading in HD or SD
  • Wireless mic system for sound and communication
  • 2 cameras (surgery room and control room)
  • Director for real time mix (picture in picture), from diferent sources (video, ppt, imaging devices)
  • Editing, encoding and storage of recorded material suitable for on demand usage (synchronised presentation)
* By choosing only Live streaming or Record & Upload: cost 2.500

Internet connection set up


Backup Internet Solution

4G or 5G as a backup option

Additional cameraman / photographer with equipment


Test prior to the Event


Set up prior to the event

Set up 1 day prior to the event


*The cost refers to London venues. In case of venue in other cities: 450

Reportage and Communication

Livemedia interview: Full media coverage of an event by our Journalists (reportage, interviews)

Web Access Tool

User web access form and login details to watch the webcast online. Option to pay via Paypal or bank, in case of online access fee.

Chat Tool

Enabling online participants to send questions during the webcast. The questions appear on the speakers' laptop and answered in real time.

Quiz Tool

Online voting questions. Questions appear during the live broadcasting and can be optionally answered. There is the possibility of multiple quiz per event.

Promote events

  • Newsletter campaign 
  • Event promos on Livemedia's social media pages.
  • Publication on the upcoming events list on Livemedia channel (over 20.000 visits / month and No1 in Google search for "Live Broadcasts"

Newsletter to custom contact lists

 0,01 / email

Sms to custom contact lists

 0,09 / sms

Technical Support - Training


Transcoding service

10  / hour

Facebook Stream - Additional service to the Live Streaming


Youtube Stream - Additional service to the Live Streaming


Editing of the video material

60 / hour
 For a Half Day event duration please calculate half the cost of the service and tools.
“Half-day” means 4 – 5 hours engagement (time for: setting-up, recording and/or live streaming and packing-up). 
Conference System Livemedia Event Services & Barcode
Description 1 day cost
(€, $)

Rent conference system 'Livemedia Event Services' with full equipment and administrative support of 4 people


Rent barcode system including technicians and personnel operating the system

1.100/ room

Technician with full equipment (computer and barcode scanner)


Conference barcode material (tags, slings, printing attendance certificates)

1,5  / participant

Technical Support - Training

Description Cost / Conference Cost / month Cost / year

'Livemedia Event Services' rental (excluding admin support and equipment)

  • CRM
  • Events
  • Secretariat
  • Program 
  • Reservations
  • Mass information update of participants via email about Accommodation, Transfer, eTicket
  • Barcodes
  • Speakers Invitations
  • AV presentation upload
  • Sms - email Groups








     0,057 / sms - 0,0005 / email or free use with your own account
  • Abstracts & e- Posters
  • +150 +150 +1.500

    Barcode rental (excluding technical and administrative support)

    Including Meet me application: Meeting and exchanging information between delegates
    500 200 2.000

    e- Program

  • Access via mobile devices
  • Creating Personal attendance program
  • Session evaluation
  • Personal Memo per session
  • Click here to view an example.
    350 100 1.000


    500 150 1.500

    e - Posters

    500 150 1.500

    Telephone support contract

    - 60
    Reportage communication pack
    Description Cost (€, $)
    • 4 Interviews
    • 10 publications of Press Releases at Livemedia and Social Media
    • 10 Facebook posts of articles referencing the client
    • 10 Facebook posts and entries at site with client advertisement
    • 2 banners with the clients logo at Livemedia for 1 month
    Advertising opportunities in Livemedia
    Description Cost (€, $)

    Promotional banner; pay per impression


    Promotional banner; pay per click


    Promotional video pre roll


    Full page advert of the event in event page or pages


    Appearance of logo, advertised through pictures

    Livemedia channels
    Description Cost (€, $)

    Creating a Livemedia Channel

    • Channel design
    • Show video / photo galleries and info memos per event
    • Info section for each video & photo
    • Events, videos & photos grouped in categories and subcategories
    • Sharing widgets per object and/or per album (facebook, twitter, etc)
    • Search Function
    • Banners area, manage ads
    • Statistics for videos, photos, events
    • Options for display / positioning of channel data from readymade templates
    • Environment for managing photos / videos (mass upload, mass edit per album)

    Create Channel Livemedia (Lite)

    • Design a page with integrated player
    • Sharing widgets (facebook, twitter, etc)
    • Banner & advertising area

    Hosting Channel

    Hosting package for WebTV, video files and photos, bandwidth up to 200 GB per month
    300  / year

    * Prices excluding VAT
    ** All prices are subject to change without notice