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Livemedia Streaming & Event Services

Livemedia is a global web channel specialising in video journalism and livestreaming of live events and conferences globally since 2002 based on high tech online proprietary platforms and applications. 

Livemedia delivers daily video reportage by a team of experienced of reporters in Greece and the UK and produces shows and documentaries.  

Livemedia has developed innovative systems that allow all delegates (on site as well as web) to participate and interact. Time attendance, both in the venue and the web, is monitored and calculated using a barcode system.  

Comments, questions, and polls can be forwarded to the panel of the speakers  using mobile devices in the venue, as well as via the web, enhancing communication and sharing knowledge.

Livemedia Event Services include

1. Live streaming, video recording and archiving of videos and photos 

2. Conference system: complete conference management system, sponsorships and tourist services. 

3. E program: e-Program for information, evaluation and notes. 

4. Chat, Poll, Barcode (time monitoring system) 

5. Meet me: A mobile for exchanging and storing data between delegates 

6. Live streaming and video recording of medical surgeries 

7. Audiovisual services 

8. Reportage and press office 

9. WebTV creation

Livemedia Streaming Services

Live Broadcasts

  • Live web broadcast of conferences, events, medical surgeries, technical seminars. Educational courses 
  • Recording & archiving of videos and photos 
  • Share this moment 
  • Real time synchronization of video speakers with their presentation 
  • Multiple simultaneous lives 
  • Facebook stream 
  • YouTube stream

 Livemedia Event Services

Complete Conference Management System


  • Contacts Management (CRM) 
  • Registration of delegates Record of scientific events 
  • Tourist management (room reservations, air tickets, transfer) 
  • Sponsorship registration 
  • Easy-to-use navigation and advanced search 
  • Detailed reports (contact list, rooming list, invoice list of rooms and tickets booking - sponsorships, etc.)       
  • Statistical data per event

Electronic Program

  • Electronic program and ability to personalise it

Evaluation Tool

  • Ability to evaluate and comment on conference sessions and speeches.

To see the e program click here

Chat Tool

  • Ability to send queries via the Internet from any device. Questions appear in the panel and are answered in real time.

Poll Tool

  • Conduct online voting to multiple choice questions which can be answered during the live broadcast. Multiple poll per event are available

Limited access

  • Restrict user access with username and password, ability to pay via PayPal.

Barcode scanning system

Time monitoring system for participants attending a conference (per session and/or per complete conference). Statistics per participant and analytically per session can be provided. The system can also be linked to online monitoring on Livemedia site. 

Meet me by Livemedia

  • Mobile App for exchanging and storing data between delegates with iPhone and Android app by scanning the qrcode or the barcode.
  • Create a list of contacts
  • Automatically insertion into mobile address books

Live Streaming and Video recording of Surgeries

  • Live broadcast and video recording
  • Wireless microphone audio and communication system
  • Two cameras (control room and operating room)
  • Motion picture mixer for real time mixing - picture in picture from various sources (video, ppt, imaging machines, etc.)
  • Editing, encoding, archiving video footage to Livemedia for on-demand viewing

Audiovisual equipment

  • Projectors
  • LED screens
  • Microphone equipment
  • Management of presentations

Livemedia Web Channel

Press Office - Reportage - Interviews

Press office

  • Full coverage of events with reportage & interviews
  • Newsletters campaigns
  • Social media promotions
  • Video Production of the events


  • Reportage and journalism services
  • Production of multithematic programs and documentaries

Video Production / Corporate Presentation

  • Advertising spots
  • Director, script & video
  • Recording & editing video
  • Subtitles editing
  • Promotional and communication services

Create a Livemedia Channel

  • Channel design
  • View video galleries, photo galleries, and memo per event
  • Information field per video, categorising events, videos, photos
  • Sharing widgets (facebook, twitter, etc)
  • Search function
  • Banner area, ad management
  • Statistics per video, photo, event
  • Managing photos / videos (mass upload, mass edit / album)

Check out the Promo video and learn about Livemedia