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Covid-19 in Pregnancy: The experience

01.04.2020 16:00 249 total views
Watch  live and on demand the Webinar on Tuesday, Αpril 1st, 2020: Pregnancy...

Training in Transthoracic Echocardiography

18.03.2020 6.472 total views
Watch live and on demand the webinars  Training in Transthoracic Echocardiography  ...

Training Educational Seminars 2019-2020

12.03.2020 6.464 total views
Watch live “Training Educational Seminars Errikos Dunant 2019-2020”

Use video conferencing and live streaming services by Livemedia

06.03.2020 814 total views
Don't cancel or postpone your event! Use video conferencing and livestreaming services...

Pleural Disease - management of malignant pleural effusions

17.02.2020 965 total views
Clemens Aigner from Essen, Germany, will share with you the latest insights in management...

Thessaloniki's energy future

07.02.2020 1.700 total views
Watch live and on demand the course "Thessaloniki's energy future" organised by

ERAS for Esophagectomy

16.12.2019 311 total views
ERAS for Esophagectomy Online Expert: Prof Donald Low, Seattle, USA Monday 16 December...

Data Communication | Information Seminar AADE / myData Online...

10.12.2019 10.507 total views
Η Data Communication διοργανώνει επίκαιρο ενημερωτικό σεμινάριο - webinar την ...

Cardiothoracic Surgery's Courses 2019-2020

22.11.2019 5.608 total views
Watch live and on demand the Cardiothoracic Surgery's Courses 2019-2020


18.11.2019 531 total views
Monday 18 November 2019 Time: 18:00 hours CET Marcin Zielinski from Zakopane, Poland,...

Early Lung Cancer

21.10.2019 1.721 total views
Don't miss the first webinar of ESTS on 21 October 2019, 18:00 hours CET  For...

16th session of Postgraduate Courses of the Hellenic Association...

08.10.2019 7.070 total views
Watch  live  the courses of the  16th session of Postgraduate Courses...

Training Educational Seminars 2019-2020

03.10.2019 12.671 total views
Watch on demand the videos “Training Educational Seminars Errikos Dunant 2019-2020”

Post Educational Studies Anaesthesiology 2019 - 2020

01.10.2019 5.823 total views
Post Educational Studies Anaesthesiology 2019- 2020

ENXE | Post educational lessons 2019 - 2020

30.09.2019 11.177 total views
Hellenic Neurosurgical Society  Post Educational Lessons 2019- 2020