LIVE NOW:VIII. International Eurasian Hematology-Oncology Congress
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3rd Cardiological Oncology Meeting / Heart Failure

11.05.2018 11:00 4.463 total views
Watch the 3rd Meeting of Cardio-oncology / Heart Failure to be held on 11-12 May...

The 32nd Annual Advances in Contrast Ultrasound - Bubble Conference...

05.10.2017 9.088 total views
Click here to Gain online access to the videos live and on demand Gain online...
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ATHENSCMR LEVEL 1 | 30 September - 2 October

30.09.2017 6.653 total views
"AthensCMR Level 1" 30 September-2 October 2017 Athens, Greece Endorsed by EUROCMR,...
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3rd Congress of Arrhythmology

29.09.2017 15.756 total views
Watch live and on demand the  3rd Congress of Arrhythmology that will take...
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10th Congress in Innovations in Interventional Cardiology and...

14.09.2017 31.902 total views
Watch live  and  on demand  the 10th Congress in Innovations in...
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Presentation for the Cyprus Economy

12.09.2017 1.763 total views
An open presentation for the Cyprus Economy and its potential is organized by the...
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2017 World Championships

28.08.2017 653 total views
The Nautical club of Thessaloniki (NCTh) together with the Sailing Club of Thessaloniki...

North Aegean Cup 2017 |Porto Carras

29.07.2017 27.817 total views
The Nautical Club of Thessaloniki announces the International regatta "North Aegean...
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New Horizons in Echocardiography Johannesburg| 9th Annual conference

15.07.2017 12.034 total views
Click here to Gain online access to the videos live and on demand Chris Hani...
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The countdown for the World Sailing Championship "470" to be...

09.07.2017 14.491 total views
10/07/2017 470 WORLD CHAMPIONCHIPS Oι Σουηδοί Anton Dahlberg και Fredrik Bergstrom...
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Silver Award to Inventics for the organization of...

23.06.2017 195 total views
Another award is awarded to INVENTICS for its high level of service. Following the...

Hammersmith Echocardiology Conference 2017 | London

12.06.2017 18.801 total views
LIVE WEBCAST - VIDEO ON DEMAND ​Gain online access to the well known Hammersmith...
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Event of DISYPE in The House of Lords

24.05.2017 3.879 total views
Watch highlights and photos from the DYSYPE  event in the House of Lords entitled...
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Pontian Genocide statue unveiled on Sunday

21.05.2017 1.979 total views
On Sunday, 21st of May, the unveiling of the Monument of the Pontian Greek Genocide...
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6th Conference of Transcatheter Heart Valve Therapies

12.05.2017 36.856 total views
Watch live and on demand the '6th Conference of  Transcatheter Heart...
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Digital Strategy of Greece - The Road to Development

11.05.2017 11.436 total views
Watch live and on demand the Conference: " Digital Strategy of Greece - The...
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Livemedia Documentary | Pontos - The Holy Hours

10.05.2017 30.410 total views
LIVEMEDIA presents its production Documentary "Pontus, the Holy Hours" on 10 May...
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Social Media Conference 2017

27.04.2017 2.604 total views
The Social Media Conference , the leading Greek conference on Marketing in Social...
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World Parkinson's Day - April 11th, 2017

11.04.2017 7.721 total views
Watch live and on demand the event of Association Parkinsonian patients and...
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