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New Horizons in Echocardiography Johannesburg| 9th Annual conference

15.07.2017 7.329 total views
Click here to Gain online access to the videos live and on demand Chris Hani...
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Peak Marketing Conference 2017

13.07.2017 2.470 total views
The Marketing Week presents the Peak Marketing Conference'17, powered by Google,...
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Disrupt Greece

29.06.2017 3.504 total views
Disrupt Greece’s all-day live event on June 29 includes a series of discussion panels...
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Content Marketing & Native Advertising Conference ’17

29.06.2017 2.701 total views
Content Marketing & Native Advertising Conference returns on Thursday, June 29...
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Silver Award to Inventics for the organization of...

23.06.2017 174 total views
Another award is awarded to INVENTICS for its high level of service. Following the...

Hammersmith Echocardiology Conference 2017 | London

12.06.2017 15.548 total views
LIVE WEBCAST - VIDEO ON DEMAND ​Gain online access to the well known Hammersmith...
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Prof. Stuart Jamieson speech

23.05.2017 1.282 total views
Watch live and on demand the speech of Professor Stuart Jamieson on Tuesday, May...
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3rd Panhellenic seminar of applied pharmacy

06.05.2017 6.754 total views
Watch  on demand  the 3rd Panhellenic Conference of Applied Pharmacy...
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2nd Conference on Cardiovascular Imaging in Clinical Practice

04.05.2017 26.048 total views
Watch live and on demand the "2nd Conference on Cardiovascular Imaging in Clinical...
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10th Scientific Symposium "10 Years of HPV Vaccination and Exceptional...

03.05.2017 2.014 total views
Watch on demand the  10th Scientific Symposium " 10 Years of HPV Vaccination...
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29.04.2017 13.382 total views
Live Videos Photos | Tax Seminar

28.04.2017 1.969 total views
Watch live and on demand Friday, June 9, 2017 at 11.00, the Tax Seminar organized...

Tax Seminar

27.04.2017 5.580 total views
Watch live on Thursday, April 27, 2017 at 16:30 - 20:30 , the  SEMINAR, on...

Social Media Conference 2017

27.04.2017 2.067 total views
The Social Media Conference , the leading Greek conference on Marketing in Social...
Live Videos | Tax Seminar

25.04.2017 927 total views
Watch live and on demand the Tax Seminar organized by

General Meeting PFS

22.04.2017 1.822 total views
Watch On Demand the General Assembly of the Pan-Hellenic Pharmaceutical Association...
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World Parkinson's Day - April 11th, 2017

11.04.2017 6.128 total views
Watch live and on demand the event of Association Parkinsonian patients and...
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Business Angels Forum IV

08.04.2017 2.822 total views
Watch live and on demand the Business Angels Forum IV , to be held on Saturday...
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Hygeia Group: "Yesterday, today and tomorrow of the heart"

05.04.2017 5.578 total views
Watch live and on demand the event " Yesterday, today and tomorrow of the...
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