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Livemedia Travel | Palaioi Poroi

17.03.2017 642 total views
A trip with 4χ4 Jeep Renegade at Olympus Mount.

Saying goodbye to Kerkini Lake

06.03.2017 227 total views
There are few times when I search for the "lost magic" simple and quiet life. An...

Livemedia visits Morocco

04.01.2017 1.477 total views
Livemedia visits Morocco

Streets and Buildings from another era in Xanthi.

11.10.2016 315 total views
Streets and Buildings from another era in Xanthi.

Negades village and the triune church of St. George

29.09.2016 2.209 total views
The Negades village in Zagori and the triune church of St. George from 1795
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Livemedia in Chicago

08.09.2016 5.025 total views
Watch highlights and photos of the visit in Chicago.

We've visited Serres and the suburbs

05.09.2016 284 total views
We've visited Serres and the suburbs.

Krakow, the magnificent diamond of Poland.

23.08.2016 178 total views
Krakow, the magnificent diamond of Poland. Monument of Unesco world heritage.

Road Trip to Roumania

23.08.2016 415 total views
Road Trip to Roumania

Tour in Zagoroxoria

18.08.2016 6.420 total views
Watch moments of the Tour in Zagoroxoria.
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Sundays with live music at beach bar Chalara N. Panteleimonas

31.07.2016 14.249 total views
Μοναδικές και άκρως καλοκαιρινές στιγμές θα ζήσουμε την Κυριακή 31/7/2016 μετά τις...
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Beautiful Greece goes to Ioannina

20.07.2016 9.915 total views
Beautiful Greece with Chara and Konstantina takes a sightseeing tour around Ioannina.
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All Stars lead to Asteroupolh

25.11.2015 4.684 total views
The most exciting adventure begins in the city of Ioannina with so many events that...

Meeting of the mushroomfans at Prespes

10.11.2015 4.171 total views
Fans of mushrooms met at Prespes on Saturday, November 7th to talk and learn about...

Livemedia in Chicago's Greek Town

23.09.2015 7.915 total views
300,000 Greeks live in the Greek Τοwn in Chicago. The Livemedia crew walked through...
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Livemedia in National Hellenic Museum in Chicago

16.09.2015 14.495 total views
Livemedia visited the National Hellenic Museum in Chicago and spoke to Yiannis Siannis,...
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Livemedia in Limnos

07.07.2015 47.065 total views
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Livemedia in Lefkada Vassilik

11.06.2015 49.473 total views
The name of Lefkada is connected to the cape of white. The white color of the cape...
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Vis-á-Vis presents Athens and Greece in Spanish-speaking countries

16.03.2015 612 total views
Through a fashion photographυ and a multi-page tribute, the online magazine Vis-á-Vis...

New Year in snowy Kastoria

31.12.2014 9.061 total views
Early in the afternoon of New Year's Eve in snowy Kastoria starts feasting. Groups...
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