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AUTH Children's Center

14.06.2016 2.689 total views
The Children's Center in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is an independent...

Distomo, 72 years after the German invasion

14.06.2016 1.230 total views
Distomo, 72 years after the German invasion. The survivor, Argyris Sfountouris shares...

Alekos Alavanos gave an Interview at Livemedia

14.06.2016 1.838 total views
Alekos Alavanos gave an Interview at Livemedia.

KohaCon 2016 | Let's make it Ko-ha-ppen

30.05.2016 128.355 total views
Watch Live & On Demand: KohaCon 2016  The Library & Information Centre...

George Paxinos: "Our brain has led us to a dead end"

28.05.2016 1.492 total views
George Paxinos talking on Livemedia and George Kiousi. It has established itself...

Cine Live - "Actors Dying in their movies..."

23.05.2016 2.712 total views
Πολλές φορές στον κινηματογράφο οι σκηνές θανάτου είναι οι πιο συγκινητικές στιγμές...

Pontus - The Holy Hours

18.05.2016 5.147 total views
Livemedia features the countdown to the genocide. All important events and historical...

Cine Live - "Actors who played the role of Jesus"

24.04.2016 3.634 total views
Με αφορμή τις άγιες ημέρες που διανύουμε καθώς και την μεγαλύτερη γιορτής της ορθοδοξίας,...

The story of the legendary photo Fair Play

19.04.2016 5.937 total views
The football giants met with Michael Pappou on the occasion of the birthday of the...

Cine Live - "Martial Art on the Big Sceen"

29.03.2016 16.632 total views
Οι πολεμικές τέχνες είναι αναπόσπαστο κομμάτι στις ταινίες δράσης. Ηθοποιοί όπως...

3-5 Pigadia with Hara and Konstantina

27.03.2016 41.685 total views
Two good friends both themselves but yet so different now symparousiastries beauty...

Cine Live - "And the Oscar Goes to.."

25.02.2016 3.129 total views

Saint Paisius House in Konitsa

13.02.2016 8.501 total views
Konitsa, this border village in the prefecture of Ioannina, there is still the home...

Cine Live - "Saint Valentine in Cinema"

12.02.2016 4.813 total views
Love is one of the most favourite themes in cinema, which has presented us unique...

Livemedia in Malgara broadcasting the farmers' protests

21.01.2016 27.620 total views
Continues today rural mobilization in municipalities and regions. Specifically, at...

Cine Live - "In low atmosphere pressure"

16.01.2016 8.277 total views
We are in the middle of winter and Cine Club presents you the best movies ever been...

Watch Now Livemedia TV

31.12.2015 22.408 total views
Watch shows, interviews, news, up to date videos, documentaries on Livemedia TV

Spastic Society of Northern Greece

23.12.2015 1.014 total views
The E.S.V.E. It is specifically recognized charity which aims to provide services...

Cine Live - "Christmas Home Alone!"

21.12.2015 15.064 total views
Christmas Time! The most beautiful and happy time of the year. Christmas means children,...

Live: The secrets of Birth of Jesus

15.12.2015 16.530 total views
2.000 χρόνια πριν. Σε μία μικρή πόλη με το όνομα Βηθλεέμ. Μία κρύα χειμωνιάτικη νύχτα...

Ioannina - Epirus 2021 | Nominated European Capital of Culture

01.12.2015 1.120 total views
With faith that Ioannina and Epirus have every chance to become the European capital...

James Bond..the spy we loved..

14.11.2015 7.308 total views
In 1953 the writer Ian Fleming created the ultimate secret agent James Bond, a fictional...

Plasticobilism | Messages through the game

11.11.2015 1.600 total views
Nikos Papadopoulos has found a unique way to express and send social and political...

A history of Thessaloniki | The Jews and the Holocaust

25.10.2015 7.783 total views
Extinction of the Jews - A collateral damage of the war of 1940 75 years after the...